CTPartners believes that providing exceptional solutions to its customers is a function of addressing many key factors, such as:

  • Clearly Defined Goals
  • Properly Trained Staff
  • Understanding of Scoping and Priority

A methodology is designed to provide a project framework for addressing all the parts of the project deliverables and tasks in a common approach. There are many methodologies to choose from, such as Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), Rational Unified Process, in-house custom processes, or a mix of many different styles. The key for many organizations is to make the best choice to meet their business goals. 

For clients that have no set methodology, CTPartners recommends MSF. This model provides an iterative approach to software construction where functionality increases as the project lifecycle continues. CTPartners customizes this MSF to suit specific projects and organizational needs. The goal of CTPartners is to enhance the parts of the MSF that work for your project or organization so that it becomes a part of your development process, rather than a documentation burden along the way. 

CTPartners has been responsible in installing, configuring, and maintaining other productivity solutions to clients that work in tandem to the goals of the MSF. These same tools can be applied to any project or organization where sharing of ideas and a project status is important, and include SharePoint Portal Server and Services, and Project Server.