CTPartners has cultivated productive relationships with government agencies and organizations since the company was founded in 1996. The company provides added value to the government in a number of ways. The company partners with other contractors and consultants, using its stable of skilled consultants to fill expertise gaps and contribute to the success of highly technical, challenging IT projects. Additionally, the company assists government IT groups with compliance in policy, security, technical environments, and public access. 

The company provides expertise in six critical areas::

  • Enterprise Application / Portal Integrations
  • Web Migrations / Integrations
  • CAC Cards, PKI Certificates
  • Modeling Requirements – C4ISR – Using UML
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • DIACAP Compliance

CTPartners consultants recognize that a number of government projects fail to address these requirements and compliance issues, leading to excessive project delays and even whole cancellations. CTPartners has the experience to ensure projects adhere to government standards, and the skills to achieve project success. To learn more about government solutions, and how CTPartners has helped other agencies and organizations with emerging technologies, send a request on the Contact Us page.