The commercial world can often change at a breakneck pace, with competition for market share driving new technology implementations in an effort to squeeze out continued productivity gains. 

Getting behind the technology curve can put a commercial company in an awkward situation. Stagnant productivity, fewer capabilities for internal and external customers, and obsolete applications with little or no industry support can all impede a companys IT efficiency. 

The dot-com explosion prompted many companies to pursue the “latest and greatest” technologies as a matter of course. They did this without understanding how new technology fit into their overall enterprise architecture (EA) and business processes. 

CTPartners stresses a productive customer relationship to ensure that everyone understand the importance of the EA. EA is a companys entire technology infrastructure, including hardware and software that supports internal and external customers and partners. Obviously each organization and its solution is unique, and they both require careful planning so technology implementations fit into the overall EA strategy. 

While many vendors promote a “one technology fits all” philosophy, CTPartners understands that there that this is usually not the case for most businesses. CTPartners has the experience and expertise to distill multiple technology options into a commercial solution that fits the technical and economic requirements of an enterprise. 

CTPartners offers the following commercial services:

  • Enterprise Architecture Assessments
  • Short or Long Term Mentoring
  • Software Development and Consulting
  • Project Management and Staffing

CTPartners serves customers that want to make the leap to improved technology, but need a skilled partner to help them achieve an implementation. If your company needs a partner to transform its technology, send a request on the Contact Us page.